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Syi Lwin

Some of my fondest early memories were of my grandmother, over a stove, fixing food for our daily feast. When I was nine I knew I loved being in the kitchen and helping out my grandmother. My grandmother, an amazing cook, had passed many family recipes down to me. I feel lucky having them. I am happy to reveal some here. I re-created and adapted them to come up with recipes of my own to meet the locals and foreigners’ taste. 

Because of my dad’s work my whole family had to move to Australia. I spent my teenage years in Canberra. While we were there we had this lovely old couple as our neighbors. They loved my family so much that later they adopted my sister and me as their grandchildren. My life changed completely.

My nonbiological grandma was a cook working for the Greek Embassy in Canberra. How lucky I was to have chances of tasting different food and pastries every day! Every time I was at grandma’ house I was always in the kitchen helping her and learning. After college I decided to work as a cook at a take-away shop. I met an Italian chef who cooked delicious mouth-watering pizza, roasted chicken, burgers, fish and chips etc. That was where I began to practise my cooking skills. This led me to choose to be a chef for a living.

Even though my heart was in culinary, I didn’t study culinary professionally! When I finished with my Diploma in Tourism I moved to South Korea with my family. I worked as a full time language teacher there. However, my creativity and passion for food couldn’t be stopped. I did catering for baby showers, farewell parties, welcoming parties, meetings and events like wedding and engagement parties. I did pretty well with my catering business so I decided to step up to a more professional level. I was fortunate enough to get a place at Shatec Institute in Singapore.

During my two years at Shatec I came in third in the Singapore Cook off competition. I was chosen to go to the Philippines for the Chef on Parade Competition. I graduated with a Diploma in Culinary Skills. I also had almost a year of experience at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore. That was where my passion for food grew. Being surrounded by people who were so talented and whose enthusiasm was highly contagious and inspiring, I learnt all that I could. Later, I wanted more challenges, so I decided to come back to Myanmar and start my culinary adventure.

My culinary journey began with training by some chefs from Knorr, followed by being a judge on a kids’ cooking competition on MNTV. Then I got a chance to act and taste in “Road to Taste” series MMU channel. Then I became a food advisor and a judge on Knorr 175 celebration show. I have been creating new recipes and writing for Food Magazine Myanmar under the name of Syi Lwin Foods Garden every month ever since. Recently I have been working as a food consultant creating new menu for hotels and restaurants. I also do catering and teach cooking.

I am a person who loves to create food. Cooking gives me a wonderful opportunity to do so. I hope you will enjoy cooking with my recipes and have fun putting your personal touch on them. As you cook a dish, it becomes your work of art to share. Let love flow through your cooking, a gift for yourself and for others.


Chef Syi Lwin's recipes