Our products range from fresh produce, dry foods and snacks to party needs, stationery and sanitary items. We're constantly extending our range to meet ever-increasing demands from our loyal customers who are becoming more and more sophisticated and lifestyle-oriented.

To ensure we consistently deliver to our customers' expectations, we work with a host of business supply partners, large or small and also both within Myanmar as well as globally. On top of that, we also work with local farmers in Myanmar to supply for our Fresh Produce section.


Books and Music

At City Mart, we have an impressive array on offer at our Books and Music section. Both  Ocean Supercenters and City Books and Music centers are operating with the slogan “Inspiration for the Heart and Soul”.  Reflecting our slogan, our books and music sections offer the very latest magazines, journals, books, music and movies, meeting the many interests for people in all walks of life.

Our selected Journals and Magazines cover different fields including news, general interests, children’s interest, life style, health, education, fashion, show business, and other special interests such as food, car, interior decoration, computer and internet.

Our book section has all the latest best sellers from Myanmar and around the world. These include self help, business and management, translated fiction, Myanmar novels, short stories, articles, religions, cooking and other hobbies. You’ll also find travel  guides, health and parenting, children’s stories and educational books.

Our music section offers both local and international songs in different format as CDs, VCDs, DVDs and MP3. DVDs on international movies, sport, religion, education and children’s interest are also available.