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Mala Hot Pot

Ready-to-cook pork hotpot set for two persons prepared and packed by City Mart Supermarket’s Hotpot and BBQ counter, which is specially designed for new year event, is used to make mala hotpot this time for ease of convenience and timesaving.

As pork hotpot pack consists of a variety of items such as chicken eggs, quail eggs, cellophane noodles packet in addition to meats and vegetables, it saves the trouble of buying each item separately and therefore it is more convenient and less time-consuming.

The fragrant smell of hotpot shown here stimulates one’s appetite before physically enjoying it. As for the taste, the sweetness of the soup is strong due to the sweetness dissolved into the soup from the ingredients such as fresh pork, meatballs, fish balls, and vegetables. Since mala paste is used in the soup, it will taste slight hotness which will stimulate appetite and make the hotpot more enjoyable. Good memories will flourish by sharing this fragrant hotpot, which has a sweet and hot taste, with family members together.

Items and ingredients and portions of the same necessary for hotpot are stated first for housewives to make a shopping list for barbecues easily.

  • Pork Hotpot Set for Two Persons Pack - 2 Packs

  • Cuttlefish ball - 220 Grams

  • Fish Dumbbell - 200 Grams

  • Pork ball with mushroom - 220 Grams

  • Cheese Tofu - 120 Grams

  • Salmon ball - 110 Grams

  • Lotus root - 150 Grams

  • Taiwan Mustard - 2 Bundles

  • Mala Paste - 3 Tablespoons

  • Seasoning Powder - 1 Tablespoon

  • Salt - 1 Teaspoon

  • Chicken Soup -2 Liters

Let’s start cooking mala hotpot as all the ingredients are ready.

First of all, put mala paste into chicken soup and heat it until it boils. When it boils and its fragrance is felt, put the pork into the pot and if you don’t eat port then put chicken or seafood, whichever is preferable, instead. After putting the meats, put sliced sweet corns into the soup to strengthen the sweetness of the soup.

Then, put meatballs, fish balls and continue boiling the same until the ingredients are partially cooked.

Once meats, meatballs, and fish balls are done, put lotus roots, vegetables, and glass noodles which are cut. When adding vegetables to the hotpot, additional vegetables which are not on this recipe can be added to one’s liking. The vegetables used in this video are the vegetables from a ready-to-cook Hotpot set. The egg can be put into a hotpot along with other ingredients. If you don’t like putting the egg along with other ingredients at the early stage of cooking hotpot, you can put it in later.

Once all the meats and vegetables are done, please decrease the temperature of the stove as the hotpot, which smells and tastes good, is ready to be served.

Now mala hotpot, which smells and tastes good is ready to be enjoyed. We would like housewives to follow this recipe as it is easy and fast to make it and all of your family members may love it.

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