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New Year Night BBQ

All the various BBQs shown here are purchased from City Mart Supermarket’s Hotpot and BBQ counter which is specially designed for the new year event. All the necessary meats, fish, and vegetables for barbecue are prepared and displayed at that counter, and purchases of the same can be made easily therefrom and therefore it is less time-consuming. It is very convenient because all the meats and fish are flavored and marinated and there are a lot of varieties to choose from.

The extraordinary taste of various barbecues, which is so fragrant and stimulate appetite, at first sight, will be felt on the very instance when a piece of barbecue is chewed as all the pork, chickens, beef is flavored and marinated in a way that improves the natural sweetness of the same.

What is more, the natural sweetness, which is fresh and appealing, of the vegetables will trigger one’s craving for such barbecues. Family members will definitely like the various barbecues, which are so fragrant and tasty, and these barbecues will certainly create memorable happy moments.

Items and ingredients necessary for BBQs are stated first for housewives to make a shopping list for barbecues easily.

  • Teriyaki flavored pork belly shabu-shabu

  • Teriyaki flavored pork loin shabu-shabu

  • Teriyaki flavored beef shabu-shabu

  • Skewered chicken with bell pepper and onion

  • Thai style flavored prawn

  • Various vegetable tray (Amount of meat to be purchased depends on one’s liking.)

Since the items and ingredients are already prepared, let’s start barbecuing. A charcoal stove will be used for barbecuing. A little bit of butter oil is also prepared to apply to the BBQs. Once the fire got started, meats can be barbecued. Some vegetables will be barbecued along with the meats. Corns and lotus roots take more time to be cooked and therefore extra attention is to be given when barbecuing the same.

When meats and vegetables are barbecued for some time and partially cooked, turn the same to the other side and apply a little bit of butter oil on that side of the meats and vegetables and continue barbecuing. One thing to be careful when barbecuing with the charcoal stove is to adjust the fire so that it will not get so powerful and burn the outer layer of meats and vegetables before the inner layers of the same are not cooked yet.

Now, place all the barbecued items into a plate as all the meats and vegetables are done and ready to be served. Both old and young people would surely enjoy this barbecue due to its fragrant smell and deliciousness.

That’s why the family should gather and prepare a barbecue like this on new year’s night.

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